Eleanor DJing at David Hockney's 80th birthday party at Cartwright Hall, 2017

David Hockney's 80th birthday party at Cartwright Hall, 2017. Photo credit Dipak Mistry


Well, twiddle my knobs (not), I don’t do fancy mixing but I do do a cracking job of old fashioned tune selection. I swashbuckle through the decades, pulling out classic bangers alongside forgotten favourites, and chuck in a sprinkling of the bizarre and the curious to keep you on your twinkle toes.

I’ve been enabling hands in the air and prolonged armpit exposure for over three decades.

Satisfied dancefloors include:

  • Shunt - Wowing our 1500+ capacity audiences deep underground beneath London Bridge station. Who knew Art crowds would go so crazy for Livin’ on a Prayer with mops as mics?

  • Lumiere - audiences of 1000+ every night, transforming a Durham loading bay into party central

  • WOW Bradford After Party - Kate Tempest was dancing like a banshee

  • The Railway Social Club - Non-stop for the winter solstice till exactly 4.19 am.

  • Tooting Market - opening for PSB before they were famous. Yes, really.

  • Brighton Pride - DJ-ing for thousands as I whizzed past in the Parade riding my pedal powered giant ruby slippers with subwoofers.

  • South Square Centre - providing a packed and ecstatically sweaty dancefloor for Bradford legend Fiona Long’s 50th birthday.

  • National Science and Media Museum - as part of the Bradford Bubble Up launch and ‘Lates’ takeover

All dancefloors are bespoke - get in touch to discuss how you’d like yours.

‘Eleanor is brilliant... When her whole self is dressed in loads of red, red roses which are then given out whilst dancing in the light of the moon with the heavy bass, late, late at night...during those days at shunt and many, many other times’

- Hannah Ringham shunt co-founder and all round magical being

‘Eleanor’s back catalogue and in-depth knowledge of music is extensive. She’s always the life and soul of the party when she DJ’s. A true Bradford Original!’

- Lee Wright DJ /Promoter and Owner of the Railway Social Club.

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Dancefloors may involve fox masks, fireworks, light up skipping ropes, congas, swimming, April showers, giant papier mache models of stonehenge and grape-trampling.