Ivegate in Bradford, with "It's A Mean Old Scene" written in graffiti across a dirty shopfront

Photo credit John Cade

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The Mean Old Scene cast made some live appearances as part of the Summer Unlocked programme in Ivegate, Bradford, in August. Scroll down for photos

I am currently writing and developing It’s A Mean Old Scene - an original audio drama podcast series.

Eleanor Handcart, Satan’s hardest working fiend, is burnt out. Up to her neck in performance indicators, appraisals and workplace bullying, she’s legged it through a cosmic portal* taking her Handcart with her.


Humans seem compelled to keep climbing on board, but instead of taking them straight to Hell for processing, Eleanor whisks them off on a cosmic roller coaster through space and time, offering the opportunity for redemption. But only if they can solve the clues in her mysterious interlocking stories before time literally runs out.

From murders and masonic cellars to a time travelling rat and his cockroach sidekick; from dark energy and exploding stars to the Manningham Mills strike; from augur birds and music halls to the reincarnation of Rosa Luxemburg, Eleanor’s mysterious stories unfold like Scheherazade doing the can can with a gang of Russian dolls, ultimately combining to show us the way to salvation.

But can the mystery be solved in time? And once humans know what to do, will they do it? For more information get in touch.

The cosmic portal is reportedly the site of the Big Bang - now an unassuming drain in Ivegate, Bradford. The primeval atom is believed to have exploded here, 13.8 billion years ago. It’s hard for the human brain to conceive of this number of years. But imagine if you were Jeff Bezos trying to comprehend his 211.4 billion dollar fortune. That’s 14 times the amount of years since the Big Bang in cash dollar! Fucking Hell. No wonder he wants to go to space.