A crystal ball revealing a mysterious collage

Stuck in a rut? Need a creative breakthrough or a new perspective? Lost your inner compass? Can’t find your True North? Bobbing in a tiny boat on the crashing waves of your life and feel like you might go under?

I offer support (spiritual), advice (sage), armchair (psychology), magic (witchy), tea and empathy.

I have experienced the death of loved ones. I’ve overcome substance misuse and other addictions that have blighted my life and I lived under someone’s stairs for six months. I’m a stronger, wiser person as a result.

I draw on my clairvoyant lineage and a deep inner wisdom gained through decades of downright dangerous adventures and almighty fuckups, balanced with some rather spectacular successes and my eventual heart’s homecoming which has enabled me to live a happier, wiser, more productive life.

I utilise my toolbox (for example, but not limited to): tea leaves, tarot, crystal ball, visioning, dancing, waterfalls, stones and stories to support you in manifesting the resources you need to resolve whatever problem you feel is challenging you.

The guidance sessions I offer are bespoke and responsive to your needs. My approach is gentle, supportive, nurturing, responsible and ethical. And if you believe in magic, well all the better.

Groups and individuals welcome.


Get in touch to discuss your requirements.